Jeremy Freedman
& JC-120

Artist Bio

Jeremy Freedman of The Neighbourhood started playing music after seeing his cousin’s first guitar, which was a Christmas gift. He then asked his mother for an acoustic guitar and she bought one the very next week. Influenced by heavy metal, he soon began looking for an electric guitar, and his first was a Gibson SG. “I had a metal band and we were really terrible,” says Freedman. “Zach Abels and Mikey Margott were in it. We just wanted to have fun, and I guess making bad music was the byproduct of that.” Jeremy’s earliest influences were David Gilmour, Tony Iommi, Jimmy Page, and The Beatles. During that time, Jeremy met singer Jesse Rutherford who was in a band with Brandon Fried. They played a few shows together, and soon after The Neighbourhood began to take shape. As of 2015, Jeremy and the band have enjoyed a hit album, I Love You, and two songs on the charts, including the Number One single, “Sweater Weather.”

JC-120 Testimonial

I really do love the JC-120. It takes pedals seamlessly. The clarity is amazing. The onboard reverb, distortion, chorus, and vibrato are all more than useful. I love pairing it with really warm “tube” sounding amps, like an old AC-30—that’s a dream combo.

— Jeremy Freedman