64-Voice Expandable Synthesizer Module

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The XV-2020 64-Voice Expandable Synthesizer Module puts Roland’s flagship XV sounds in a convenient half-rack design complete with USB. Expandable via two SRX-Series Wave Expansion Boards, it’s like a powerful “plug-in” synth with up to 192MB of sounds, three independent effects processors and intuitive editing software.

A True XV-Series Synth

At the heart of this half-rack module is Roland’s most advanced synthesis engine ever—based on a powerful 4-Tone architecture with stereo waveforms per Tone and expressive Matrix Control. There are 1,083 high-quality waveforms in internal memory (equivalent to 64MB), giving the XV-2020 a broad range of sounds that are further enhanced via onboard reverb, chorus and a choice of 40 multi-effects. Edited sounds can be saved to User memory.

Expandable Design

It’s hard to believe that a half-rack module can hold up to 192MB of waveforms, but that’s exactly what you get by adding two optional SRX-Series Wave Expansion Boards. These quality-intensive boards each contain 64MB of waveforms and hundreds of fresh, inspiring presets. So whether you want the absolute finest grand piano sounds or drums—or a killer collection of dance sounds—simply pop in any two of the nine SRX titles presently available.

Easy USB Connectivity

With its built-in USB port the XV-2020 simplifies everything from MIDI connections to sound editing. Just connect a USB cable from the –2020 to your computer, install the included driver software and you’re set! This feature also makes the XV-2020 the perfect companion to laptop-based systems since no external MIDI interface is required. And you get the power of a 16-part multitimbral synth capable of producing virtually any sound imaginable.

Editing Software Included

Following Roland’s latest trend of integrating hardware and software, the XV-2020 includes a powerful editing program for Mac or PC. Just install the software from the included CD-ROM, make sure the USB cable is connected, and you can tweak everything from multimode filters to envelopes and effects—or even alter the semi-modular Structure Types—using a sleek graphic interface. It’s a great way to harness the full power of the XV synth engine.

Max. Polyphony
Wave Memory
64MB (16-bit linear equivalent), Waveforms: 1,083
Expansion Slot
Wave Expansion Board SRX Series: 2 slots
Preset Memory
Patches: 512 (128 x 4 Banks) + 256 (GM2 Patches), Rhythm Sets: 8 (4 x 2 Banks) + 9 (GM2 Rhythm Sets), Performances: 64 (32 x 2 Banks)
User Memory
Patches: 128, Rhythm Sets: 4, Performances: 64
Multi-effects: 40 sets, Chorus: 1 set, Reverb: 1 set (8 types)
7 segments, 3 characters (LED)
Headphones (Stereo 1/4" phone type), USB Connector, Output (L/Mono, R) (1/4" phone type), Output (L, R) (RCA phono type), MIDI (In, Out, Thru), DC IN, Ground Terminal
Power Supply
DC 9 V (AC Adaptor)
AC Adaptor (ACI-120C/ACI-230C/PSB-1U), CD-ROM (XV Editor, USB Driver), Rubber Feet
Wave Expansion Board: SRX Series, Rack Mount Adaptor: RAD-50
Size and Weight
218 mm
8-5/8 inches
237 mm
9-3/8 inches
45 mm
1-13/16 inches
1.4 kg
3 lbs. 2 oz.
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.



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