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The VS-2480CD 24-track Digital Studio Workstation is the first self-contained recording workstation to offer 24-track/24-bit digital recording with 64-channel digital mixing, onboard effects processing and onboard CD burning. This revolutionary workstation also boasts 17 motorized faders, plus a VGA Monitor Output for software-style control using a mouse and optional ASCII keyboard. Rock-solid hardware with the flexibility of software—that's the new VS-2480CD.

Rip and Burn

The first thing you’ll notice about the VS-2480CD workstation is the addition of an internal CD-RW drive. This slimline drive makes it more convenient than ever to back up data and burn music discs. And with the new CD Capture function, you can import audio directly from CD—even parts of a track simply by specifying the In and Out regions.

80GB Hard Drive Standard

Thanks to some creative engineering, Roland is now able to ship the VS-2480CD with an 80GB internal hard drive—that’s more recording space than any other workstation on the market! Record an entire album (or two, or three…) without having to worry about running out of time. And even if you manage to fill up the drive, you can always back up to CD-RW.

Enhanced Version 2 Software

With Version 2 software pre-installed, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the VS-2480CD’s mouse control when using an external VGA monitor. Control track faders and knobs, set dynamics and EQ curves, change mixer routings and cut-and-paste objects with “drag-and-drop” ease. There’s even waveform-based editing. This upgraded software truly bridges the gap between hardware- and software-based DAWs.

A Monster of a Studio

The VS-2480CD gives you all the same great features of the immensely popular VS-2480 workstation, including 24 tracks of 24-bit recording, 384 Virtual Tracks and a 64-channel automated digital mixer with 17 motorized faders. The VS-2480CD’s two stereo 24-bit effects processors provide everything from COSM Mic and Speaker Modeling to a Mastering Tool Kit. And with R-BUS expandability, you can add 16 additional channels of analog or digital I/O.

Tracks: 24, V-tracks: 384 (16 V-Tracks per each Track)
Sample Rate
96.0/88.2/64.0/48.0/44.1/32kHz *Adjustable range with vari-pitch function, 22.00kHz to 98.00kHz (at 96kHz), 22.00kHz to 50.00kHz (at 48kHz)
Max. Simultaneous Recording/Playback Tracks
Sample Rate 48/44.1/32kHz: [16tr.Rec/16tr.Play(M24, M16, CDR), 16tr.Rec/24tr.Play(MTP,MT1/2, LIV, LV2)
Sample Rate 96/88.2/64kHz: [8tr.Rec/8tr.Play(M24, M16, CDR), 8tr.Rec/12tr.Play(MTP,MT1/2, LIV, LV2)
*Depending on the organization of the song data or the disk drive performance etc., the number of tracks which can be simultaneoulsly recorded or played back may be limited.
Frequency Response
96.0kHz:20Hz to 40kHz (+0dB/-2dB), 88.2kHz:20Hz to 40kHz (+0dB/-2dB), 48.0kHz:20Hz to 22kHz (+0dB/-2dB), 44.1kHz:20Hz to 20kHz (+0dB/-2dB), 32.0kHz:20Hz to 14kHz (+0dB/-2dB)
200 projects in each partition
1000 per project
100 (10 x 10 banks) per project
100 (10 x 10 banks) per project
999 Undo/1 Redo
4-band (2 schelving + 2 peaking) * Useful simultaneously at up to 48ch in both Input Mixer and Track Mixer
Dynamic Processor
Compressor, Expander *Useful simultaneously at up to 48ch in both Input Mixer and Track Mixer. Compressor+Expander *Useful simultaneously at up to 24ch in Input Mixer or Track Mixer. *If this type is used at Mixer section, Dynamics cannot be used in the other Mixer.
Max. 8 stereo (One pre-installed + 3 more optional VS8F-2)
320 x 240 dots Graphic LCD (with backlit)
Power Consumption
80W (AC 117/230/240V)
Demo CD, PS/2 Mouse, Short Cut Seal, AC Cord
Size and Weight
620 mm
24-7/16 inches
520 mm
20-1/2 inches
138 mm
5-7/16 inches
13.4 kg
29 lbs. 9 oz.
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.



Güncellemeler & Sürücüler

  • VS-2480 System Update Version 2.505 (SMF)

    This is the latest update for the VS-2480(CD, DVD). Please refer to the "VS-2480 Updating.pdf" for the update procedure.

    Note to PC Users:
    If you are having problems sending these files from your sequencer, or if you need a sequencer to send these files, download the PCSMF Update Application located here.

    Note to Mac Users:
    You will need the UPD SMF Update Application if you do not have access to a sequencer program.

  • T-Racks VS Plugin Update v1.002 (PC/Mac)

    This is the latest update of the T-Racks Dynamics and EQ Plugins for VS. Please read the NOTE below, as well as the “README!!InstallingPlug-InUpdates.pdf” included in the download folder for the update instructions.

    The update files that you download and save to your computer from the link above are enclosed in a compressed zip file. These files will need to be extracted from the zip file before you can burn them to a CD.

  • Control Surface Drivers (MAC)

    These are the drivers needed to control popular software programs from the VS-2480.

  • Control Surface Drivers (PC)

    These are the drivers needed to control popular software programs from the VS-2480.


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