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The VA-76 V-Arranger Keyboard is Roland's flagship intelligent arranger. This 76-note keyboard carries on the tradition of the acclaimed G-Series Arranger Workstations while utilizing Roland's latest high-quality sounds and music styles, plus exclusive VariPhrase technology for adding realistic vocal performances to any arrangement.

Absolute Sonic Power

The VA-76 is Roland’s most powerful and flexible arranger keyboard in history. In addition to its professional synth-weighted 76-note velocity- and aftertouch-sensitive keyboard, this flagship instrument offers a 128-voice sound engine with 3,649 GM2/GS-compatible sounds, plus 116 drum kits using stereo-sampled waveforms and ambient effects for an entirely new level or realism. In addition, the VA-76 provides six dedicated buttons for selecting keyboard modes, plus separate Reverb, Chorus, EQ and 89 multi-effects for processing sounds even further.

A Keyboard that “Sings”

It may sound impossible, but the VA-76 is actually the world’s first 76-note arranging keyboard that “sings.” Using a proprietary VariPhrase sound engine, the VA-76 lets you add realistic vocal performances to your arrangements, with independent, realtime control over the vocals’ pitch, time and formant. Assignable to the Upper and Lower parts, the VariPhrase section allows players to re-pitch, re-phrase or re-harmonize any of 48 onboard vocal samples as they play.

You can even record a VariPhrase performance directly to an existing SMF (Standard MIDI File), imbedding vocal phrases into your music. And with 6MB of onboard sample RAM, the VA-76 can also store up to 16 user-sampled vocal phrases; additional VariPhrase samples can be loaded via the internal Zip100 drive using the included ZIP disk or the optional VP-Z-Series VariPhrase Sound Library disks.

Powerful Arranging and Composing Features

As an arranger keyboard, the VA-76 excels: There are 128 preset styles covering a wide variety of musical genres—all with uncanny realism. Up to 64 additional styles can be loaded using the internal Zip100 drive or via floppy drive. Any of these styles can be further customized using the Style Orchestrator and Style Morphing function, which lets you seamlessly blend one style into another.

For quick composition, the VA-76 offers a simple 2-track Song Recorder; a professional 16-track sequencer can be used for building more complete arrangements. You can even create custom styles using the 8-part SMF-to-Style converter, while the VA-76’s ability to import “.txt” files lets you type lyrics on a PC for playback on the VA-76’s backlit LCD.

Designed for Simplicity

The VA-76 uses a large icon-based touchscreen for easy navigation, and can even display song lyrics of compatible SMF disks. Two programmable pads and five Super Tones buttons make recalling frequently used sounds easy, while a Virtual Band function assists in optimal instrument setup. And with cool performance features including a ribbon controller and light-sensing D-Beam, you can add more expression to your music using hand and body movements—a real crowd pleaser!

Professional Connections

Connections to the VA-76 include a stereo 1/4-inch audio input, four individual 1/4-inch audio outputs, Metronome output, MIDI In/Out/Thru, plus Sustain and Expression Pedal inputs, a Footswitch input and a dedicated input for the optional FC-7 Foot Controller (with programming capabilities). Add it all up, and you’ve got the most powerful, professional and head-turning arranger keyboard on the market today.

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76 keys, Weighted synthesizer action, velocity sensitive, Aftertouch
User Program
PCM Sound Generator
Max. Polyphony
3,646 including 116 Drum Kits (GM2/GS compatible)
Variphrase Sound Generator
Max. Polyphony
48 (16MB on ROM)
Sampling Phrases
16 (8MB on ROM)
320 x 240 Backlit LCD, 1/4 VGA Touch Screen
Panel Controls
Alpha Dial Data/Tempo Contoroller, D Beam Controller, Pitch Bender/Modulation Lever, Touch Controller (Ribbon Controller), Two Programmable pads, Master Volume knob, Keyboard/Accomp Balance knob, MFX knob (Multi Effect Control)
ROM = 128, Disk Link from ZIP =64, Disk User Style (loadable on RAM), Acoustic Styles = 16, 8-track User Style Composer, SMF to Style Converte
Real Time SMF Player Easy 2-track Live Recorder, 16-track Sequencer, Song header post edit, Lyric on display, Text import/export, Text to lyrics synchronization
Reverb: 8, Chorus:8, Delay: 10. Parameter EQ: 1, DSP: 89
Data Storage
Type of files managed
Style, Song SMF, User Program, MIDI Set, VariPhrase Sample File.txt
MIDI (In, Out, Thru), Output 1 (L/Mono, R), Output 2 (L, R), Metronome Output
Power Supply
AC 117/230/240 V
Zip disk, Music Rest
Dynamic MIDI Pedal (PK-5A), Foot Controller (FC-7), Pedals (DP-8/2)
Size and Weight
1,264 mm
49-13/16 inches
408 mm
16-1/16 inches
142 mm
5-5/8 inches
19.7 kg
43 lbs. 7 oz.
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.




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