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Record Your Guitar and Vocals with Incredible Tones

Guitarists have only dreamed about it until now—BOSS guitar effects and Roland’s breakthrough COSM modeling built right into powerful hardware and recording software. That’s the V-STUDIO 20. The V-STUDIO 20 matches the simplicity of a portable, hardware recording system with the power, flexibility, and control of modern computer-based recording. Whether you’re at home or on the road, you can easily connect a guitar or mic to the VS-20 hardware and dial up genuine BOSS sounds. Once you’re ready, record directly to your computer for further editing and mixing using Cakewalk Guitar Tracks recording software. Don’t settle for imitations—Roland, Cakewalk, and BOSS are names you can trust to deliver the best recording solutions for today’s musicians.

Simple to Use

When you are ready to start recording, the VS-20 hardware makes it easy to start.

  • The VS-20 hardware combines a stereo audio interface, control surface, and built-in stereo mics
  • Get amazing guitar tones with a Hi-Z input and on-board BOSS-powered, COSM DSP effects for amp simulation and 4 virtual pedal modules (Compression, Overdrive/Distortion, Chorus/Mod, Delay) including 36 genuine Boss effects and 50 presets
  • Record vocals with a phantom powered XLR input and get a great sound with built-in latency free COSM DSP for harmony, real-time pitch correction, reverb, compression and more
  • Hardware and software share a similar user interface and feature controls that make it easy for anyone to record their music
  • Compact design and USB bus power make the V-Studio 20 perfect for mobile recording with a laptop or Netbook
36 Genuine BOSS Effects with COSM Effects Editor

Get amazing guitar tones with a Hi-Z input and on-board BOSS-powered, COSM DSP effects for amp simulation and 4 virtual pedal modules including 36 genuine Boss effects and 50 presets.

Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Software

Designed for guitarists and singer-songwriters, the bundled Guitar Tracks recording software provides powerful, streamlined recording, editing, mixing, finalizing, and sharing of music.

  • Record and playback up to 32 tracks of audio
  • Easily arrange, edit, and mix your song
  • Includes a suite of 11 stunning effects
  • Features the Roland TTS-1 synthesizer
  • Jam to 1 GB of loops, songs, and backing tracks
  • Tight integration with hardware for flawless recording
Audio Interface
Number of Input Channels
AD/DA Conversion
Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz
Signal Processing: maximum 24-bit (depending on software)
Frequency Response
20 Hz to 20 kHz (+0/-3 dB)
Residual Noise Level
-90 dBu or less
(INPUT: GUITAR/BASS, 47 k ohm terminated, INPUT SENS knob = center, DIRECT MONITOR knob = center, OUTPUT LEVEL knob = center, IHF-A, Typical, Effect = OFF)
Nominal Input Level
GUITAR/BASS: -10 dBu, MIC 2: -40 dBu, LINE: -10 dBu
Nominal Output Level
OUTPUT: -10 dBu
Input Impedance
GUITAR/BASS: 1 M ohm, MIC 2: 4 k ohms, LINE: 10 k ohms
Output Impedance
OUTPUT: 2 k ohms, PHONES: 44 ohms
Recommended Load Impedance
OUTPUT: 20 k ohms or greater, PHONES: 32 to 100 ohms
GUITAR/BASS: 1/4 inch phone type, MIC 2: XLR type (balanced/phantom power +48 V), LINE: 1/4 inch phone type, OUTPUT: RCA pin type, PHONES: Stereo 1/4 inch phone type, REC, PLAY (FOOT SW): TRS 1/4 inch phone type, EXP PEDAL: TRS 1/4 inch phone type, USB: B type
Power Supply
USB Bus Power
Current Draw
320 mA
Phantom Power
+48 V/10 mA
V-STUDIO 20 DVD-ROM(for Windows):
Cakewalk Guitar Tracks 4 (Recording Software), V-STUDIO 20 Software Effects Editor, V-STUDIO 20 USB Drivers, Owner's Manual (PDF) in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch
Owner's Manual in English, USB Cable, Cakewalk Service Information Sheet
Foot Switch: BOSS FS-5U, Dual Foot Switch: BOSS FS-6, Expression Pedal: Roland EV-5 BOSS FV-500L, FV-500H
System Requirements
Operating System
Windows XP (32-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit)
*This product does not support Windows XP Media Center Edition or XP Professional x64.
*When running Vista x64 or Windows 7 x64, Guitar Tracks runs in the 32-bit emulation layer.
*Macintosh computers running Microsoft Windows are not officially supported.

OS requirements on Netbook computers: TBA
Intel® Pentium® 4 1.3 GHz or AMD Athlon™ XP 1500+ or higher
(Netbook: Intel® Atom® or AMD Athlon Neo™ Processor)
512 MB (1 GB or more recommended)
(Netbook: 1 GB)
Hard Disk Space
100 MB for core program (6 GB recommended)
Video Resolution
1024 x 600, 16-bit color screen resolution
USB Port
Optical Drive
DVD-ROM drive for installation
*Software also available via download for Netbook users without DVD drives
Additional Information:
An internet connection is required for viewing online video tutorials and for uploading music. Cakewalk Publisher requires you to have available web server space with FTP access privileges. QuickTime support requires QuickTime 7 or higher.
Size and Weight ( Hardware )
299 mm
11-13/16 inches
144 mm
5-11/16 inches
53 mm
2-1/8 inches
760 g
1 lbs. 11 oz.
0 dBu = 0.775 V rms
In the interest of product improvement, the specifications and/or appearance of this unit are subject to change without prior notice.



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