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A New Chapter In V-Drums History

With the V-Pro Series TD-20S, Roland improves upon the industry-standard V-Drums by starting from the ground up. At the heart of this flagship set is the TD-20 module with new sounds and functions, superb expressiveness and in-depth V-Editing. The patented mesh pads now feature great dynamic range and natural rim shot triggering, along with a new look and stunning black finish. The TD-20S also features Roland’s amazing new V-Hi-Hat and a new drum stand designed to hide the cabling. With this powerful new combination of pads and hardware, the V-Pro Series TD-20S lets drummers express themselves more naturally and with more realism than ever before!

The TD-20S is available in black (TD-20S-BK) or white (TD-20S-WT) and the components are packaged in three separate boxes as follows.

*V-LINK requires optional Edirol DV-7PR with software version 1.50 or higher. Kick drum pedal, snare stand, and hi-hat stand not included

An Entirely New V-Drums Experience

Without a doubt, the new TD-20 is Roland’s best percussion sound module ever, offering the ultimate sonic quality, over 500 new sounds, plus superb expressiveness and dynamic range when used with the new PD-125/105 V-Pads and VH-12 V-Hi-Hat. With the superior sensitivity, drummers can play more naturally and without having to adjust their playing technique. The TD-20 includes the ability to vary the rim shot and bass drum sounds depending on how you play, plus new interval control for better snare drum rolls and more realistic cymbal swells. Close your eyes. Listen to every articulation and sound being faithfully re-created until the moment your cymbal fades away, and you’ll swear this is a real acoustic set.

More Powerful V-Editing

The TD-20 gives drummers even greater modeling power using Roland’s latest COSM technology. Vastly expanded for unlimited expression, the TD-20’s V-Editing starts from careful analysis of an entirely new set of drum sounds. The result captures every nuance of the real thing—including every moment of drum vibration and complete customization capabilities. For example, drummers can now select from several types of kick beaters including felt, wood and plastic. The cymbal size can also be changed, along with the type of “sizzle” (i.e. rivets or chain), and the microphone position. The TD-20 even lets drummers add realistic snare drum “buzz” (the resonance created on the toms and bass drum) that matches the type of snare drum selected. It’s the subtle nuances like these that really make the difference during performance and recording.

Enhanced Performance Features

Whether used live or in the studio, the TD-20 offers a host of powerful features designed to make life easy. Eight group faders are provided for adjusting the relative levels of each part (snare, kick, hi-hat, etc.), while 15 individual compressors and EQs let you sculpt each sound to perfection. The TD-20 also includes a 5-part sequencer loaded with preset backing patterns and plenty of room for your own—plus onboard Ambience effects, a stellar multi-effects processor and more. A new Mastering Room lets you add compression and EQ on the overall sound, while 10 analog outputs and a S/DPIF digital output give drummers plenty of options when mixing live or in the studio.

Convenient CompactFlash Storage and More

New to the TD-20 is a CompactFlash slot, which can be used for storing custom drum kits and sequencer patterns with optional memory cards. An expansion bay located on the underside means there’s room for upgrades down the road. The TD-20 also features Roland’s V-LINK technology. Using an optional video editor from Edirol, drummers can trigger images or change cameras from the pads or kick.

The First Electronic Hi-Hat Designed Like an Acoustic.

Woah! That’s what you’ll say once you try the new full motion VH-12 V-Hi-Hat. This breakthrough electronic hi-hat is designed to precisely model the look and feel of its acoustic counterpart… so much so, that it mounts on any acoustic hi-hat stand! The new V-Hi-Hat uses top and bottom cymbals with full motion capability for ultra-natural stick/pedal work, and is designed to work with the enhanced dynamics of the TD-20. The dual-trigger VH-12 can convincingly create a range of hi-hat sounds from open to closed including the half-open position with all of its delicate nuances. By applying pressure to the pedal (even after closing), you can vary the pitch and decay for playing fast and tight articulations—just like an acoustic hi-hat!

Presenting the New and Improved V-Pads.

How do you improve upon the world’s most popular electronic percussion pads? Start by designing a brand new sensor mechanism for more accurate triggering, and then give ‘em a cool black finish! The 12-inch PD-125 and 10-inch PD-105 mesh V-Pads both feature Roland’s latest dual-triggering technology, resulting in more even and accurate sensing between the head and rim. They are also the first V-Pads with rim shot capabilities on the toms—including the actual “rim click” sound*.
*Rim triggering on toms requires TD-20 Percussion Sound Module.

Natural Triggering with Double Pedal Support.

The TD-20S includes Roland’s time-tested KD-120 V-Kick, but now in a new black color designed to perfectly complement the rest of the pads. The 12” V-Kick pad offers fast, natural kick drum triggering and is compatible with double bass pedals (sold separately).

Ergonomic Design and Striking Looks.

Roland’s new MDS-20 Drum Stand offers a new curved look that keeps everything within reach. The stand’s black color matches perfectly with the new pads and cymbals, and all cabling is hidden neatly inside the tubing — you asked for it, you got it. Even the hardware itself has been improved via more durable T-fittings with a convenient raked design. Changing the height is quick and easy: Vertical adjustments with quick-release cam levers are provided on each of the stand’s legs and the two cymbal stands, allowing the tiers to remain in place.

Snare stand sold seperately.



Güncellemeler & Sürücüler

  • TD-20 System Update Version 1.09 (MAC - MIDI)

    This is the latest operating system update for the TD-20. Please refer to the readme.pdf for the update procedure.

    Note to Mac Users: You will need the UPD SMF Update Application if you do not have access to a sequencer program.

  • TD-20 System Update Version 1.09 (PC - CompactFlash/MIDI)

    This is the latest operating system update for the TD-20. Please refer to the readme.pdf for the update procedure.

    Note to PC Users Updating through Compact Flash:

    If you are updating your TD-20 through the use of Compact Flash, you will need a 8Mb or larger compatible CompactFlash card and CompactFlash card reader/writer for your computer to perform this update.


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