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Expanded for Extra Expression

With V-Drums in constant demand around the world, Roland proudly offers drummers another option in its award-winning lineup. The new TD-12SV builds on the popular TD-12S kit by adding an additional V-Cymbal and mount, making it an amazing value that provides drummers even more expressive potential.

The TD-12SV is available in black (TD-12SV-BK) or white (TD-12SV-WT) and the components are packaged in two separate boxes as follows.

Kick drum pedal and hi-hat stand not included

Unbeatable Sound

With the same stunning sound quality as the flagship TD-20, the new TD-12 drum module provides hundreds of expressive instruments and play-along sequences in a streamlined, affordable package. Many of the sounds in the TD-12, from drums to cymbals, are COSM modeled for the ultimate in expression and realism. The module provides the same large, icon-based LCD as its big brother (the TD-20), and is housed in a road-tough, metallic black chassis with a friendly array of buttons, controls, and mix sliders. Twelve trigger inputs are provided, plus four audio outputs and MIDI I/O.

Unrivaled V-Editing

Enjoy the dozens of expert-programmed kits in the TD-12 — from authentic acoustic sets to ultra-modern electronic flavors. But the fun doesn’t stop there; customize your snare drum, toms, bass drum, and cymbals with the modeling-based V-Editing. Change sizes and materials, attach sizzles to cymbals, increase snare buzz, and more. Then get out your sticks and enjoy! The TD-12 supports positional sensing on the snare and ride, as well as on the toms when you play rimshots. The TD-12 is also brush compatible, and features the expressive Interval Control feature for the snare and ride/crash/china cymbal, which varies the sound in natural ways based on the speed of stroke repetition.

Kit Configuration
Percussion Sound Module: TD-12 x 1
V-Pad (SNARE): PD-105BK/WT x 1
V-Pad (TOM 1-TOM 3): PD-85BK/WT x 3
V-Hi-Hat: VH-11 x 1
V-Cymbal Ride/Crash: CY-12R/C x 3
V-Kick Trigger Pad: KD-85BK/WT x 1
Cymbal Mount: MDY-10U x 1
Drum Stand (Option): MDS-12BK x 1
Trigger Input Jacks
12 inputs: 10 standard inputs for included pads, 2 extra inputs for optional pads (AUX1-2)
Hi-Hat Control input
1 input
Available Playing Expressions
Head/Rim Shot, Bow/Edge Shot, Cymbal Choke, Hi-Hat Control (Open-Close, Pedal Close/Open), Ride 3 way trigger compatible
(Bow/Bell/Edge Shot), Position Sensing (Snare, Tom, Ride), Cross Sticks
(Snare), Interval Control (Snare, Crash, Ride), Brush Sweep (Snare)
Personal Drum Monitor: PM-30/PM-10, V-Drums Mat: TDM-20
Size and Weight
1,450 mm
57-1/8 inches
1,200 mm
47-1/4 inches
1,250 mm
49-1/4 inches
20.9 kg
46 lbs. 2 oz.
Dimension: including Sound Module, Kick Trigger, Cymbal, and Throne, Weight: excluding MDS-12BK Stand, Kick Pedal, and Hi-Hat Stand
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.



Güncellemeler & Sürücüler

  • TD-12 System Update Version 1.11

    This is the latest update for the TD-12. Please refer to the "TD-12 Update Procedure.pdf" for update instructions.

    Note to PC Users:
    You will need the PC SMF Update Application to perform the update if you do not have access to a sequencer program.

    Note to Mac Users:
    You will need the UPD SMF Update Application to perform the update if you do not have access to a sequencer program.


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