SONAR X1 Production Suite

Digital Audio Workstation

SONAR X1 Production Suite
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The Complete DAW Solution for Professionals

SONAR X1 Producer has everything needed to deliver the polished, “radio-ready” recordings that are expected in today’s music industry – all in one box. Now, the SONAR X1 Production Suite expands on those capabilities with additional production tools, enhanced views, ProChannel modules and Z3TA+ 2, one of the most powerful and acclaimed virtual instruments in history.

SONAR X1c Producer

SONAR X1c Producer is the latest version of the critically-acclaimed SONAR X1 Producer digital audio workstation. It includes the Skylight interface, ProChannel, Smart Tool, unlimited audio and MIDI tracks, a complete suite of instruments and effects plus all the other features of SONAR X1 Producer. SONAR X1c Producer adds many enhancements including an updated Loop Construction View and Step Sequencer.

SONAR X1 Expanded

SONAR X1 Expanded takes SONAR X1 Producer even further. ProChannel Modularity provides the ability to create custom ProChannel strips. The Softube’s Saturation Knob adds that perfect tube “warmth” to your tracks. Create custom combinations of audio effects complete with a control panel with FX Chains 2.0. Upload your songs to social networks like Facebook and Twitter via SoundCloud. Music XML connects SONAR X1 to your favorite notation software.

PC4K S-Type Expander/Gate Module

Add this gate module to ProChannel’s PC4K S-Type bus compressor and Vintage EQ to get that “legendary” large console sound. Mix and match ProChannel modules to build your own custom channel strips.

Z3TA+ 2

Z3TA+ 2 completes the SONAR X1 Production Suite. The legendary waveshaping sound of Z3TA+ (zay’-ta) is back – and better than ever. It features new filters, modulatable waveshapers, flexible effects, expressive control, a gorgeous new interface, and 1000 new patches. Used on countless tracks over the past decade, Z3TA+’s distinctive sound has been a staple of electronic artists the world over.

System Requirements
SONAR X1 Producer
Available on SONAR X1 Producer page by Cakewalk
Z3TA+ 2
Available on Z3TA+ 2 page by Cakewalk
In the interest of product improvement, the specifications and/or appearance of this unit are subject to change without prior notice.




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