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SONAR Home Studio 7
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Turn Your PC Into a Full-Fledged Music Production Studio

SONAR Home Studio 7 is the easiest way to turn your PC into a full-fledged music production studio. From start to finish, SONAR Home Studio will help you capture your creativity and share it with the world. With SONAR Home Studio you can record live instruments, vocals, or any audio source. You can easily edit audio, MIDI, and music notation. The updated Loop Explorer gives you the tools to buildbacking tracks faster than ever. Add real instrument sounds using the included virtual instruments suite. Bring your mix together with studio-quality audio effects and professional mixing tools. When you are finished, share your music on the web or burn it to CD for fans, friends, and family. SONAR Home Studio is the complete solution for creating and sharing professional quality music — now easier than ever.

Home Recording Software

Now easier than ever: featuring a new, intuitive interface that lets you quickly record, edit, arrange, and mix your music. New simplified Instrument Tracks allow you to set up, play, and record virtual instruments faster than ever before.

Record Audio & MIDI

With SONAR Home Studio 7 all you need to do is plug in any microphone or MIDI controller, and with just a few clicks of the mouse, you’re off and recording studio-quality audio right on your computer.

Arrange & Edit Music

With SONAR Home Studio 7 you get the tools you need to make your projects the best they can be. Precise tracking and editing tools let you create the perfect take. Or use the new Loop Explorer to preview and audition audio and MIDI loops in the tempo and key of your song, and quickly drag them into your project to create layers of tracks, and much more.

Mix & Share Tracks

Take control of your mix and make your tracks shine with SONAR Home Studio 7’s brand new console view and 12 included studio-quality effects. When you’re done you can upload your music to the web and create custom players and playlists using Cakewalk Publisher.

Minimum System Requirements
Operating System *
Windows XP (32-bit) / Vista (32-bit) / Mac OS X with Boot Camp
Processor Speed
Intel Pentium 4 1.3 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 1500+ or higher
512 MB
Screen Resolution
1024 x 768, 16-bit color
Hard Disk Space
100 MB for core program
Hard Disk Type
MIDI Interface **
Audio Interface ***
Media Drive ****
DVD-ROM, DVD+/-R, or DVD +/- RW drive
Webserver Access *****
Recommended System Requirements
Operating System *
Windows XP/Vista (32 bit)/ Mac OS X with Boot Camp
Processor Speed
Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz [EM64T], AMD Athlon™ 64 2800+ or higher
1GB or higher
Screen Resolution
1280 x 960, 24-bit color or higher
Hard Disk Space
6 GB
Hard Disc Type
EIDE / Ultra DMA (7200RPM) or SATA
MIDI interface **
Audio interface ***
Media Drive ****
DVD-ROM, DVD+/-R, or DVD +/- RW drive
Webserver access *****
Available web server space with FTP access privileges
* SONAR does not support Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, or NT.
** Required to connect external MIDI devices
*** Required for audio playback. See for a complete list of recommended audio devices
**** SONAR is presented on DVD media; so DVD-ROM, DVD+/-R, or DVD+/- RW Drive required for installation.
***** Cakewalk Publisher requires you to have available web server space with FTP access privileges. An internet connection is required for music uploading. A broadband connection is recommended.

Note: QuickTime support requires QuickTime 6 or higher.



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