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The RSM-90 Studio Monitor is a two-way nearfield monitor with proprietary crossover circuitry and front-firing dual bass ports for phase-correct imaging and ultra-flat frequency response. Its incredible sound and affordability make it the perfect choice for recording studios, multimedia applications, home theater and more.

Unique Crossover Design

Unlike typical passive monitors, the new RSM-90 Studio Monitor incorporates custom crossover circuitry with advanced 2nd order filtering for phase-correct stereo imaging and exceptionally flat frequency response. Front-firing dual bass ports permit placement near walls.

High Output Capacity

Ideal for nearfield monitoring, home theatres, and multimedia presentations, the passive RSM-90’s can handle up to 270W of peak input power. When combined with a high-quality power amplifier, these monitors can deliver the full-range sound needed for professional studios and surround applications.

Bi-wiring Connection

For maximum clarity, the RSM-90’s feature individual amp terminals for the woofer and tweeter. This bi-wiring connection system uses gold-plated binding posts for superior sound quality not possible with traditional single-wired systems.

2-way Monitor Speaker
Bass-reflex type
Power Handling
rated:90W *1 , max: 270W *1 EIA RS 426 A
Frequency Response
62Hz to 20kHz (+/-3dB)
Size and Weight
229 mm
9 inches
322 mm
12-11/16 inches
372 mm
14-5/8 inches
11.0 kg
24 lbs. 5 oz.
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.



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