Rhythm Coach Pack

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The RMP-1 Rhythm Coach Pack gives students a great new way to practice drumming in almost total silence, thanks to its mesh V-Practice Pad (RP-2) and Rhythm Coach (RM-2) sound module. With this affordable package, students can develop timing, speed and endurance while playing to an integrated metronome and choosing from a variety of drum sounds—making the Rhythm Coach great for home use or in schools.

Realistic Feel and Built-in Metronome

Thanks to its patented mesh head design, the 8-inch RP-2 V-Practice Pad delivers the same natural feel of an acoustic snare drum, but with silent triggering so students can practice without disturbing others. There’s even a built-in metronome with a choice of eleven sounds like human voice count, and a unique visual display which shows whether you’re ahead or behind the beat.

Cool Practice Functions

In addition to the built-in metronome, the Rhythm Coach is also programmed with rhythm training exercises to develop a student’s timing, speed and stamina. For example, the “Quiet Count” exercise plays the metronome loud for eight bars and then quiet for another eight bars. This helps students improve their timing while learning to rely less on the metronome. And it’s just one of several fun exercises available!

Realistic Drum Sounds

Unlike traditional practice pads which make no sound, the Rhythm Coach includes a choice of 28 drum sounds for more realistic and enjoyable practice sessions. Combined with the RP-2’s mesh head design, there’s never been a better way to perfect drumming techniques like rolls and paradiddles.

Room To Grow

With two dual-trigger inputs on the RM-2 module, you can connect the RP-2 V-Practice Pad and a separate kick drum pad—like Roland’s KD-7—for practicing snare and kick together. You can even play along with CDs or other audio sources using the RM-2’s external audio input. An optional PDS-2 Pad Stand can be purchased separately for more comfortable practice.

Maximum Polyphony
4 voices (including 1 voice for Metronome)
Internal Sounds
Pad inst: 28, Metronome inst: 11
Panel Control
Volume knob: 1, Function select buttons: 5, Power switch: 1
Trigger input jack: 2 (stereo 1/4 inch phone type x 1, 1/4 inch phone type x 1), Phones/Output jack: 1 (stereo miniature phone type), Mix in jack: 1(miniature phone type), AC adaptor jack
Power Supply
Dry battery (LR6 (AA) type x 4) or DC 9V, AC adaptor * Expected battery life under continuous use: Alkaline: 10 hours (This figure will vary depending on the actual conditions of use.)
Current Draw
150 mA
148 (W) x 96 (D) x 62 (H) mm / 5-7/8 (W) x 3-13/16 (D) x 2-1/2 (H) inches
340 g / 12 oz (with batteries), 240 g / 9 oz (without batteries)
Pad Size
8 inches
1 (Head)
264 (W) x 297 (D) x 60 (H) mm / 10-7/16 (W) x 11-3/4 (D) x 2-3/8 (H) inches
890 g / 2 lbs
Stand Screw Size
(RM-2 and RP-2) 264 (W) x 350 (D) x 62 (H) mm / 10-7/16 (W) x 13-13/16 (D) x 2-1/2 (H) inches
(including batteries) 1.2 kg / 2 lbs 12 oz
Dry battery (LR6 (AA) type) x 4, RM-2/RP-2 mounting screw x 2, Connection cable (0.2 m or 7 - 7/8 inches), Tuning key, Owner's manual
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.




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