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Explore a new world of sight and sound

Experience a new world of audio/visual entertainment with VIMA, a unique and exciting instrument that will transform any room into an interactive theater of sight and sound. The flagship VIMA RK-500 is packed with hundreds of incredible sounds for you to play, all under the control of an authentic-feeling 88-note keyboard. The RK-500 comes loaded with a library of timeless songs to listen to and play along with, and you can add songs to your library as you wish. It can also play back CDs, and it lets you connect two microphones for karaoke fun. As you listen, play, and/or sing, the RK-500 can display a variety of images on the internal LCD or on a connected big-screen television to enhance the entertainment experience. It can even display the musical score “DigiScore” or a piano-roll simulation of a song that’s playing back. Your parties and special gatherings will never be the same with VIMA as the recreational centerpiece.

Great Sounds, Natural Feel

The RK-500’s built-in sounds faithfully reproduce the characteristics of real instruments, and more. The piano, in particular, is based on stereo multi-sampling that fully captures the nuances of a full concert grand piano — from impressively strong bass end to sparkling treble. To complete the experience, the RK-500 is equipped with a Progressive Hammer-action Keyboard with escapement, which is provides an authentic, natural touch.

Integrated Music & Images

VIMA directly links to large-screen TVs and digital movie devices, so you can incorporate your own sounds with movies and images. Connect a host of devices, such as a portable audio/video device, digital cameras, video cameras, and CD and DVD Players. While you’re playing the keyboard with your right hand, for example, you can change the images with your left, as if you were playing the visual media as a musical instrument. Enjoy easy control over your music and images!

Friendly Features

First-timers and pros alike can enjoy the RK-500. The large, easy-to-read buttons are arranged according to function, making it easy to locate the controls you need. When a song is playing, the song title is clearly displayed on the onboard LCD panel. The LCD is also a touch panel, enabling a wide variety of friendly point-and-touch operation functions.

Songs for Everyone

The RK-500’s onboard songs span a wide variety of genres, ranging from timeless standards and pop hits to classical music, jazz, and beyond. The ever-expanding VIMA TUNES™ CD-ROM library (available separately) will continue to provide you with an ongoing source of new titles for building your collection of music.

Special Effects = Extra Fun

The RK-500 is equipped with echo and other fun vocal effects to enhance and alter your voice. Get into the party mood by changing from a woman’s voice to a man’s during a duet, or croon with uniquely altered voices that sound like a duck, robot, alien, and more. In addition, you can use the RK-500’s D Beam to make smooth alterations to the sound by moving your hand over the invisible beam. A simple hand motion can add an expressive touch to your songs.

High-Quality Sound System

Equipped with Roland’s state-of-the-art speaker system, the RK-500 delivers a rich, resonant, full-frequency sound that has presence and depth. Fill your room with great sound, and it’s all built into the RK-500, so there are no additional speakers, amps, or cables to connect.

In-Home Karaoke

To start a karaoke party, simply plug in a microphone (sold separately). With multi-colored lyrics displayed on a large-screen TV, everyone can sing along. If you connect another mic, you can enjoy duet performances. Use the supplied remote control to select songs and play, return, and stop, or to adjust the tempo and key. You can use Melody Mute to reduce the recorded voices on prerecorded CDs so you can sing lead vocals with the original backing band.

Piano Roll and Notation Display

During playback, you can see a graphical Piano Roll representation of the sound using computer-generated images. There are two modes: One is inspired by the classic punch-hole paper Pianola rolls of the early 20th century, while the other mode displays notes in colored bands. Additionally, you can chose to watch traditional music notation scrolling onscreen as the music plays. It’s educational and fun!

Single-Finger Play Mode

While a song is playing back, you can have fun by adding your own contribution to the music using a single finger. If you want to learn a song, the Tempo Adjustment and Melody Mute functions will make the process easier for you. For example, you can practice songs as they play back at slower tempo. By muting the melody part, you can play along with a full orchestra or band.

Recommended Sounds

Each of the RK-500’s songs is automatically programmed with three recommended Tone choices for the melody. When you activate a song, you can instantly choose from the trio of recommended Tones with just one button. You’ll likely find the sound you want from the selection of three, but you can always freely choose other sounds too.

88 keys (Progressive hammer action keyboard with escapement)
Touch Sensitivity
Medium, Heavy, Light, Fixed
Sound Generator
Sound Generator
Conforms to GM2 / GM / GS / XG Lite
Max. Polyphony
128 voices
264 tones, 8 drum sets + Sound Effects, Manual Drums
Master Tune
415.3--466.2 Hz (adjustable in increments of 0.1 Hz)
Stretched Tuning
On, Off
Key Control
-6--+5 semitone
Reverb: OFF, 1--10
50--200 % (Quarter Note=10--500)
2/2, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8
Melody Channel
Count In, Count Down
Mute (Center Cancel), Guide
Recommended In SMF, Demo
USB Flash Memory
Playable Software: Standard MIDI Files (Format 0/1), JPEG picture, Save: Standard MIDI Files (Format 0)
CD Drive
File System: CD-ROM (ISO9660 Level 1), Music CD, Playable Software: Standard MIDI Files (Format 0/1), JPEG picture
Internal Memory
Over 60 songs, Over 400 photos
User Memory (Favorites)
128 MBytes
D Beam
Pitch, Filter, Volume, Snare Roll, Applause, Wind Chime
Piano Roll, Slide Show, DigiScore, Lyrics, Cam1, Cam2, DVD, Ext In, Transition
Rated Power Output
50 W x 2
20 cm x 2, 8 cm x 2
Graphical Color LCD (TFT) 800 x 480 dots (with backlit)
Damper Pedal (half-pedal recognition), Soft Pedal (half-pedal recognition), Sostenuto Pedal
Vocal Echo
2 types
Vocal Effects
Kids, Bear, Robot, Duck, Alien, Computer, Female, Male, Pitch Correct, Music Files
Operating System: Windows: XP Home SP2 or later/XP Professional SP2 or later, Macintosh: Mac OS X v10.2 or later
Audio Output jacks (L/Mono, R), Expression jack, Video Input jacks, Cam1 jacks (Video, S-Video), Cam2 jacks (Video, S-Video), Video Output jacks (Video, S-Video), Analog RGB Output connector (15-pin D-Sub type), USB connector, Ext In jacks (Video, L, R), Headphone Jack (Stereo) x 2, Mic Input Jack (Vocal) x 2, DVD input jacks (Video, S-Video, L, R), MIDI In connector, MIDI Out connector, USB memory connector
Power Supply
AC 115 V, AC 117 V, AC 220 V, AC 230 V, AC 240 V (50/60 Hz)
Power Consumption
230 W
Application Guide, Owner's Manual, CD-ROM (Roland Photo
Camera Stand: BST-RK500, DVD Stand: DST-RK500, USB memory, Expression Pedal: EV-5, EV-7
Size and Weight
1,395 mm
54-15/16 inches
611 mm
24-1/16 inches
1,030 mm
40-9/16 inches
83.0 kg
183 lbs.
including the piano stand and the music rest
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.



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