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Developed simultaneously with the flagship RD-700SX, the RD-300SX provides the same stunning 88-note multisampled piano found in the flagship, plus 128-voice polyphonic performance, and expanded soundsets. Its feature set is pure heavyweight, but physically the RD-300SX is one of the lightest 88-note pianos in its class — a comfort to transport from gig to gig.

No-Compromise Sound & Feel

With Roland’s most powerful sound engine at its core, the RD-300SX delivers heavyweight specs in lightweight body. Sharing much in common with its high-end sibling, the RD-700SX, the RD-300SX offers 128-voice polyphony, 88-note individually sampled grand piano waveforms, and hundreds of additional sounds and rhythms — from jazz to techno.

Compact Progressive Hammer-Action

The RD-300SX features Roland’s Compact Progressive Hammer-Action keyboard, which simulates a real grand piano by providing a heavier touch in the lower octaves that gets increasingly lighter in the upper range. This keyboard has many of the same design elements as Roland’s acclaimed Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard, but its keyboard-action mechanism is much more compact and lightweight.

Simple Navigation

Players will appreciate the RD-300SX’s ease of operation and convenient hands-on controls. Dedicated buttons and knobs are provided for instant access to the piano sound, EQ settings, and dual/split keyboard setups. No searching through menus or submenus to find the most common functions; everything you need is within quick reach. Thanks to the handy Setup mode, you can quickly store and recall parameter changes with the touch of a button. A pitch bend/modulation lever has been added for expressive control. Operation is clean and streamlined so you can focus on playing, not programming.

High-Quality Effects

For subtle sweetening or complete transformation, the RD-300SX offers a wide lineup of 78 multi-effect types to choose from, plus independent effects such as reverb, 2-band digital EQ, and Sound Control. Add sparkle to your grand piano sound, deep-fry an electric piano, add depth and spatial movement to strings — the choices are vast.

Lightweight, Compact

It has an impressive, heavy-duty body (with sophisticated black brushed metal finish) but the RD-300SX is actually one of the lightest 88-note piano in its class. At less than 35 pounds (15.5kg), it’s ultra easy to transport — yet built tough enough for the rigors of the road.


Connect the RD-300SX to computers via USB port for one-cable MIDI communication. Standard MIDI in/out ports connectors are provided as well. Master, slave, or solo — the RD-300SX can be played as a standalone instrument, driven from other MIDI gear, or used as the master controller for an entire MIDI setup.

RD-300SX Specifications
88 keys (Compact Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard)
16 Parts
Maximum Polyphony
128 voices
Wave Memory
64 M bytes (16-bit linear equivalent)
Normal Tones:70General MIDI 2 Tones:256Rhythm Sets:5General MIDI 2 Rhythm Sets:9
Multi-Effects: 78 typesReverb: 4 typesSound Control2-band Digital Equalizer
Rhythm Pattern
185 styles
Zone Level slider x 2, Equalizer knobs, Pitch Bend/Modulation lever
7 segments, 3 characters (LED)
Headphones Jack: Stereo 1/4 inch phone type, Output Jacks (L/MONO, R): 1/4 inch phone type, Pedal Jacks (DAMPER, CONTROL): 1/4 inch TRS phone type, MIDI Connectors (IN, OUT), USB Connector (MIDI), DC IN Jack
Power Supply
DC 9 V (AC adaptor)
Power Consumption
11 W
Owner’s Manual, CD-ROM (Roland Digital Piano USB Driver), Damper Pedal (DP-8), AC Adaptor (PSB-1U), Power Cord
Keyboard Stand: KS-12, Pedal Switch: DP-2, Damper Pedal: DP-8, DP-10, Foot Switch: BOSS FS-5U, FS-6 (TRS phone jacks cannot be used.), Expression Pedal: EV-5, EV-7
Size and Weight
1,408 mm
55-7/16 inches
336 mm
13-1/4 inches
134 mm
5-5/16 inches
15.5 kg
34 lbs. 3 oz.
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.


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