Digital Piano

Üretimden Kalkan

The MP-500 Digital Piano puts Roland’s finest piano sounds and keyboard touch in an upright cabinet with an attractive simulated black walnut finish. This gorgeous instrument delivers improved playability and wider variety of piano and instrument tones. It also includes a built-in metronome and Song Recorder, plus an 88-note Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard for the most expressive playing possible.

The Sound and Feel of an Acoustic Grand

Thanks to its 88-note Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard, the MP-500 delivers the same responsiveness and touch of an acoustic piano. The result of years of Roland research, this unique weighted keyboard uses real hammers rather than springs, with a lighter touch in the upper range and a heavier touch in the lower range. And the piano sounds are equally impressive, sampled in stereo to capture every nuance imaginable. To play the MP-500 is literally like playing a fine concert grand!

A Variety of Instrument Tones and Effects

The MP-500 includes a selection of realistic instrument tones that can be used to liven up any performance. The sounds cover everything from electric pianos and acoustic bass to harpsichord, strings and vibraphone. And with onboard reverb and Sympathetic Resonance effects, you can capture the feel of a concert hall performance. Or add rich chorus to the electric piano sounds—perfect for jazz and ballads.

Versatile Practice and Performance Features

With its onboard metronome, the MP-500 helps students stay in time when practicing. An easy-to-use Song Recorder makes it possible to record performances—even one hand at a time, if you like. The keyboard can be split so that each hand can play a different sound, or you can layer two sounds for creating thicker tones; adjusting the relative balance between split or layered tones is easy.

Elegant Black Walnut Cabinet

The MP-500’s compact upright cabinet comes finished in simulated black walnut, making it easy to match virtually any décor. A built-in stereo sound system faithfully reproduces the onboard sounds, while a headphone output permits silent practice.



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