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The MC-09 PhraseLab is a new creative tool for producing loops. Combining an analog modeling synth, step sequencer, four-part audio looper, and effects processor, this instrument helps musicians develop loops with multiple variations. The MC-09 is a must for musicians, DJs and synth enthusiasts who work with audio phrases and want powerful analog-modeled synthesis at an affordable price.

It’s a Synth!

First and foremost, the MC-09 is a powerful modeling synthesizer designed in the tradition of Roland’s analog synths of the past. Using six control knobs, users can create a wide variety of monophonic synth and rhythm sounds which can be played via the MC-09’s pads and 32-step sequencer or MIDI. Even drum patterns can be programmed with Roland’s popular TR-REC method, first introduced on TR-Series Rhythm Composers. With the PhraseLab, there’s no need to hunt down vintage synths and drum machines—it’s all here!

It’s an Audio Looper!

But the PhraseLab is more than just a synth. It’s also an audio looper capable of playing back four monophonic phrases up to six seconds each (phrases can be taken from the internal synth or external sources). Best of all, looping is simple since the PhraseLab uses BPM and measures to automatically stop recording at the perfect point. Loops can be triggered with the step sequencer anywhere desired—even at different pitches. And with the Chop function, the MC-09 can automatically divide a loop into 16 “slices” for constructing new phrases.

It’s an Effects Processor!

Once the DSP synth has been freed up using the audio looper it’s time to add effects. Simply choose from one of the PhraseLab’s four high-quality algorithms: Filter, Isolator, Phaser and Slicer. Effects can be applied to any of the four audio loops or to live inputs, and can be controlled in real time via the knobs for more intuitive tweaking.

The PhraseLab in Action

Start by creating a synth or drum pattern using the step sequencer and record it as an audio loop. Repeat the process until you have drums, bass or any other sound recorded from the Line input. Then arrange up to four phrases with the sequencer and add effects. Once finished, you can save your work—including synth/effect patches, sequences and audio loops—using an optional SmartMedia card. Creating phrase-based music has never been this easy or fun.

DSP Synthesizer
Max. Polyphony
Lead: 1, Bass: 1, Rhythm: 3
Preset Tones
Lead: 128, Bass: 128, Rhythm: 10
Type (total 30): Filter, Isolator, Phaser, Slicer, Lead Sound Group: Overdrive, Distortion, Phaser, Slicer + Ring Modulator
Step Sequencer
Number of Steps
Max. 32
sixteenth note
quarter note = 40 to 240
Preset Patterns
Lead: 40, Bass: 60, Rhythm: 100, Effect: 30
User Patterns
Lead, Bass, Rhythm, Effect, Loop Control: total 20
External Memory (Memory card)
Pattern, Loop, All: 50 each
Signal Processing
AD Conversion: 24-bit, DA Conversion: 24-bit
Sample Rate
Input (L, R) (RCA phono type), Output (L, R) (RCA phono type), Headphones (Stereo miniature phone type), MIDI (In, Out), DC In, Ground Terminal, Memory Card Slot
Power Supply
AC Adaptor (DC 9V)
Current Draw
350 mA
AC Adaptor, Lead Control Map Seal, Phrase CD (CD-Extra format), Memory Card Protector
MIDI Implementation
Size and Weight
319 mm
12-9/16 inches
207 mm
8-3/16 inches
70 mm
2-3/4 inches
1.2 kg
2 lbs. 11 oz.
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.



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