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The KF-90 is an attractively designed digital piano for the home with onboard arranger functions and exciting vocal effects. But this stylish piano offers a host of professional features as well including a new Progressive-Hammer Action keyboard, true stereo 64-voice polyphony and new stereo-sampled piano sounds.

An Uncompromising Instrument

While the KF-90’s contemporary look shares little in common with an acoustic grand, in reality, this advanced digital piano is nearly identical in terms of sound and playability. That’s because Roland created the KF-90 using the very latest in digital piano technology.

To start, the KF-90 employs Roland’s new PA-5 Progressive Hammer-Action keyboard, giving this digital piano a feel that is both solid and expressive. This exclusive keyboard mechanism is capable of delivering every nuance of a player’s performance, from the sharpest forté to the most delicate pianissimo. Key touch variations can adjust the resistance of the keys, making them progressively heavier as you reach the lower range.

A powerful new sound source provides true stereo 64-voice polyphony, which gives the KF-90 the ability to sustain its notes properly during the most complex musical passages, even when using a damper pedal. Roland has also updated the KF-90’s sounds to include the very latest stereo-sampled pianos. Roland’s finest to date, these pianos can even reproduce the resonance created by the hammer striking the string.

Never a Dull Performance

Whether you’re a beginner or an accomplished pianist, the KF-90 makes playing music fun. Choose from over 120 onboard music styles, or play along with Standard MIDI Files (SMF’s) using any of the over 450 Preset sounds, including GS/GM2 sounds and 16 drum kits.

Built-In Mic Input and Vocal Effects

Connect a microphone to the KF-90’s Microphone input for creating karaoke-type sing-alongs complete with SMF lyric display and onboard vocal effects. With the Voice Transformer, you can change vocal gender or make anyone sound like a robot. The Harmonist creates automatic harmonies for instant duets, while the KF-90’s echo effects add dimension to a singer’s performance.

Integrated Multi-Function Sequencer

In addition to its arranger capabilities, the KF-90 includes a 16-track sequencer which can be used for creating your own song arrangements—including drums, bass, piano, etc.—or to simply record a piano performance. An additional 40 rhythm patterns are also available to help compose your song quickly.

Exceptional Design and Streamlined Interface

Finished in a stylish wood grain cabinet, the KF-90 makes a statement wherever it is placed, and like all Roland digital pianos, this instrument was designed for superb ease of use. A large, graphic LCD screen with an intuitive touch screen interface and dedicated navigation buttons make using the KF-90 a joy from the moment you begin playing.




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