Jazz Chorus

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The JC-90 Jazz Chorus Guitar Amplifier includes many of the features of Roland’s legendary JC-120 - lush chorus effects, dual-amp design and high-quality reverb - in a compact, 2 x 10" combo.

Sparkling Clean Tones Through Legendary Design

Equipped with two independently amplified 10-inch speakers, the JC-90 delivers the true stereo chorus sounds and rich reverb that have made Roland Jazz Chorus amplifiers the standard in "clean" amps for almost two decades. This powerful little combo amp outputs 80 watts total (40W + 40W)—perfect for practice, studio work and performance in small- to medium-sized venues—while its compact, 22-kg. design makes transportation easy. Onboard controls include master volume, high treble, treble, mid, bass, reverb and distortion. Control over the rich stereo chorus includes chorus rate, chorus depth and chorus mode (fixed/off/manual).

Great Features

Designed for professional use, the JC-90 offers both high and low-level front-panel inputs, left and right line outputs, an effects loop send and stereo effects returns. The effects returns are perfect impedance for matching the JC-90 with popular Roland and BOSS guitar processors, allowing flexible tonal and effects control. The JC-90 is further enhanced by chorus, reverb and distortion footswitch jacks and a cabinet-voiced headphone output for late-night practice and recording applications. For the ultimate in portability, this great little amp also features durable construction, sturdy corner protectors and removable casters.

Rated Power Output
80W (40W + 40W)
10" (25 cm) x 2
Line Out (L/Mono, R), Input (High, Low), Footswitches (Chorus, Reverb, Distortion), Effect Loop Send, Effect Loop Return (L/Mono, R), Headphones
Power Consumption
80W (AC 117/230/240 V)
Casters (x 4)
Size and Weight ( incl. casters )
595 mm
23-7/16 inches
274 mm
10-13/16 inches
508 mm
20 inches
22.0 kg
48 lbs. 9 oz.
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.




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