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Small Size, Big Performance

Roland’s revolutionary V-Accordion has profoundly changed the musical world since its debut in 2004. As the digital-modeling concept has grown in popularity around the world, so too has the need for more V-Accordion models. Embodying the digital advantages of the flagship, the new ultra-light FR-1b puts V-Accordion power in the hands of students, beginners and keyboard players!

Ideal for Students…

Thanks to its small size, the FR-1b is perfect for young beginners and music schools.

…And for Performers

Compact, but with no compromise in sound quality, the FR-1b is ideal for stage performers and keyboardists. With its long battery life (uses 8 x AA type 2000mAH Ni-MH batteries) you’ll get over five hours of performance per pack — plenty of time to roam the stage with the FR-1b!

Make Your FR-1b Unique

The FR-1b comes with six variations of inlay sheets that enable owners to change the appearance of their FR-1b from time to time by changing these sheets. The player can also create his/her own custom designed inlay sheets using A4 PC printer, or by using any kind of commercially designed paper.

Play Anytime and Anywhere

With high-quality earphones included in the FR-1b package, this silent accordion is extremely convenient for practicing at night and without disturbing your family or neighbors.

A Speakerless, Light Model

Connect your FR-1b to Roland amplifiers (MOBILE CUBE, CM-30, CUBE Street, SA-300) and be impressed by the power of your sound!

Advanced Musical Expression

With the FR-1b, you can simulate up to seven different Accordions. And with the innovative four Organ presets (Harmonic Bar) and rotary effect, you can produce amazing organ sounds as well! You can even play your own beats, adding drums with the bass and chord buttons!

Keyboard & Bellows
Right hand
62 velocity-sensitive buttons
Left hand
72 velocity-sensitive buttons
Real pneumatic detection of bellows pressure (high-resolution pressure sensor),
Bellows Resistance regulator
Sound Source
Maximum Polyphony
128 voices
7 accordion sets (each including: 8 Treble registers, 3 Bass registers, 3 Orchestra Bass registers, 3 Orchestra Chord registers, 4 Orchestra sounds, 4 Organ sounds)
Treble reed footages
Bass reed footages
Chord reed footages
PBM (Physical Behaviour Modelling)
stopping-reed growl, closing valve noise, left button noise
Individual reed simulation
hysteresis threshold, Expression curve, pressure-variant filter, pressure variant pitch deviation
Reed sound wave switching
by bellows acceleration, by note repetition speed
Musette Tuning
Micro tuning presets
15 (Dry, Classic, F-Folk, American L/H, North Europe, German L/H, D-Folk L/H, Alpine, Italian L/H, French, Scottish)
8 types
8 types
Slow/Fast (for organ sounds)
Panel Controls
Knob controls
4 x Treble, Orchestra, Organ, Set, 3x Bass, Orchestra Bass, Orchestra Chord
Orchestra/Organ, Orch Bass, Orch Chord, Left Register, Drums/Default, Song/Demo, User Prog/Dec, Metronome/Inc.
Operation Mode
2Bs Rows, 3Bs Rows A-7th, 3Bs rows A-5dim, 3Bs Rows B-7th, 3Bs Rows B-5dim, 3Bs Rows Bx
Treble modes (Button-type)
C-Griff Europe, C-Griff2, B-Griff Bajan, B-Griff Fin, D-Griff 1, D-Griff 2 -Octave: Down (-), 0, Up (+) (for Treble, Orchestra and Organ)
4 drum/percussion sets
4 preset songs with selectable mute function for left-or right- hand part
Power Supply
Supplied external adaptor or optional batteries
Power Consumption
375 mA (using external adaptor)
Expected battery life under continuous use
Approx. 5.5 hours (Optional 8 x AA type Ni-MH 2000 mAh batteries)
This varies depending on the actual conditions of use
[Note] Be sure to only use rechargeable Ni-MH AA-type batteries. Carbon and alkaline batteries should not be used.
Headphones jack(Stereo)
Output Jack: L/Mono (Treble), R/Mono (Bass)
MIDI connector: OUT, IN (adjustable via Function parameter)
DC IN Jack
Power Supply
External AC adaptor (100 to 240 V, universal)
Time Signature: 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 6/8, 9/8
Tempo: 20-250
Level: Off, Low, Medium, High
1/4" to 1/4" phone (guitar) cable
Earphones (with 1/8" to 1/4" plug adaptor)
AC adaptor
Quick Start manual
CD-ROM with Owner's Manual
Reference caps for the treble buttons (Button-type)
Strip for securing the adapter, MIDI and/or audio cables
Hexagonal wrench
Replaceable "traforo" inlay sheets: 5
Soft Bag
CM-30: CUBE Monitor
CUBE Street: Battery Powered Stereo Amplifier
SA-300: Stage Amplifier;
MOBILE CUBE: Battery Powered Stereo Amplifier
Size and Weight
365 mm
14-3/8 inches
195 mm
7-11/16 inches
375 mm
14-13/16 inches
5.5 kg
12 lbs. 3 oz.
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.




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