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The FP-5 Digital Piano is the most advanced FP-Series piano ever. It comes with Roland’s finest stereo-sampled piano sounds, an 88-note Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard, new Virtual ToneWheel organ sounds and a built-in speaker system—without sacrificing the stylish looks and compact design the FP-Series is known for. An improved Session Partner makes practice more fun, while the addition of a USB port simplifies setups with a computer.

Fantastic Sound

Whether using headphones or the built-in speakers, the FP-5 delivers outstanding piano sounds with amazing realism and expressiveness. That’s because the FP-5 benefits from Roland’s latest stereo-sampled pianos, which have been fine-tuned to capture every nuance of an acoustic grand. These sounds are further complemented by a new speaker system that faithfully reproduces everything from the deep lower register to the sparkling upper range.

Uncompromising Piano Action

Sit down to play an FP-5 and you’ll immediately notice the quality of the keyboard, which uses real hammers rather than springs. Play the lower register and you’ll get a heavier touch. Play the upper register and the keys feel lighter. That’s the beauty of Roland’s Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard: You can play as expressively as you like with a response identical to an acoustic grand.

New Half-Pedal Recognition

The FP-5 includes three pedal inputs, allowing players to connect a damper pedal and optional soft/sostenuto pedals. And with new half-pedal recognition, the FP-5’s damper pedal can go between the off and on position for a response even more like an acoustic piano. Nothing comes closer!

*The FP-5 comes with one DP-8 Half Damper Pedal as an accessory.
88 keys (Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard)
Touch Sensitivity
Light/Normal/Heavy/Fixed (Velocity adjustable)
Keyboard Mode
Whole, Dual, Split (split point adjustable)
Sound Source (Confirms to General MIDI 2 System)
Max. Polyphony
64 voices
Tones: 64 variations in 7 groups (include 6 Tone Wheel Organ tones and 4 Drum Sets), GM2 Tones: 256 + 9 Drum Sets
Reverb, Multi Effects (10 Types)
-6 to +5 (semitone steps)
7 types, selectable tonic
Master Tuning
415.3 Hz to 466.2 Hz (0.1 Hz Step)
Session Partner
80 Rhythms
Chord Progression
Automatic or input with keyboard, User Programmable
Beat: 2/2, 0/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8, Volume: 10 levels, Pattern: 11 patterns
3 tracks (only Rhythm sound can be recorded to Track [R] button.)
1 song
Quarter note = 20 to 250
120 ticks per quarter note
Internal Songs
Demo songs: 9, Piano songs: 65
10 cm x 2
Rated Power Output
10 W x 2
7-segment, 3-digit LED
Line Out jacks (L/Mono, R), Line In jacks (L/Mono, R), Phones jack (front panel) x 2 (stereo miniature phone type), USB connector (MIDI), MIDI connectors (In/Out), Pedal jacks (Damper, Soft*, Sostenuto*) * Assignable, DC In Jack
Power Supply
DC 12 V (AC adaptor)
Power Consumption
35 W
Owner's manual, USB Installation guide, CD-ROM (USB Driver), AC adaptor, AC cord, Music Stand / 2 screws for the music stand, Pedal (DP-8)
Keyboard Stand (FPS-11A), Pedal (DP-2/8), Expression Pedal (EV-5), MIDI Implementation
FP-5 USB Driver System Requirements
Operating System
Microsoft® Windows® XP Home/XP Professional/2000 Professional/Me/98/98SE
Windows® compatible personal computer equipped with a USB port
Pentium® processor 200 MHz or higher
(Pentium® processor 400 MHz or higher on Windows® XP)
Memory (RAM)
64 M bytes or more (128 M bytes or more on Windows® XP/2000)
Incompatible Chipset
VIA Apollo BX, VIA Apollo MVP3, VIA Apollo MVP4
Operating System
Mac OS 8.5 or later
USB ready Apple® Macintosh®
PowerPC G3/233MHz or higher
Memory (RAM)
64 M bytes or more (128 M bytes or more on Mac OS X)

* Mac OS 9, 8:Requires OMS 2.3.5 or later, or FreeMIDI 1.35 or later.
Mac OS X: The digital piano will not operate in the Mac OS X Classic environment, and will be unusable while the Classic Environment is running
Size and Weight
1,308 mm
51-1/2 inches
360 mm
14-3/16 inches
128 mm
5-1/16 inches
21.5 kg
47 lbs. 7 oz.
Witout the music stand
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.



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