Digital Piano

Üretimden Kalkan

The FP-3 Digital Piano delivers the sound and touch of a concert grand in a compact instrument that's both stylish and fun to play. Incorporating Roland's top-quality piano sounds and new Progressive Hammer-Action keyboard, the FP-3 will please even the most demanding players, while an onboard Session Partner with realistic drum and bass patterns makes practice more fun.

Outstanding Piano Sounds

The stylish FP-3 offers the same high-quality piano sounds of Roland’s flagship FP-9. These stereo-sampled pianos are unsurpassed, thanks to their faithful reproduction of the upper and lower registers and natural cabinet ambience that actually changes according to what notes are being played.

Responsive Touch

The FP-3 ‘s new 88-note Progressive Hammer-Action keyboard gives players a touch and feel comparable to an acoustic piano. This dynamic “touch” variation design, with a heavier touch in the lower range and lighter touch in the upper range, results in more expressive performance—from the most delicate pianissimo to the sharpest forté.

New Session Partner

To make practice and performance more fun, the FP-3 includes an onboard Session Partner, which adds realistic drum and bass accompaniment as you play. There are 60 different styles available, and users can select up to nine preset chord progression patterns, or specify chord changes with the left hand as they play.

The Perfect Fit

The stylish FP-3 is built to be as simple and compact as possible. This not only makes it easy to move, but also ensures you’ll find just the right place to put it, whether in the living room or studio.

Versatile Connections and More

Connecting the FP-3 to your home stereo or other household audio equipment is easy with the supplied audio cables—or, simply mount a pair of speakers on the shelves included with the optional FPS-10A stand. Dual headphone jacks permit silent practice and student-teacher interaction.




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