Digital Piano

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The new F-90 Digital Piano packs all the best features of Roland's flagship models-like an 88-note Progressive Hammer-Action keyboard, stereo-sampled piano and instrument sounds, plus an onboard metronome and speakers-into a sleek, modern-looking cabinet with an elegant maple finish. Whether for practice or fun, the F-90 is the perfect fit for your home.

You Won’t Believe Your Eyes…

If you never thought a digital piano would look good in your 21st century living room, you’ve never seen the F-90. Designed to occupy a minimal amount of space, this 88-note instrument can fit just about anywhere you want. And with its sleek lines and simulated maple finish, the F-90 is both modern and classy.

...Or Your Ears

Roland has been making digital pianos longer than anyone, and the culmination of this research is built right into the F-90. These stereo-sampled pianos faithfully reproduce the sparkling clear notes of the upper register down to the natural reverberation of the lower register. Put simply, you won’t find a better grand piano sound without owning one.

Outstanding Keyboard Response

The F-90 is built with Roland’s Progressive Hammer-Action keyboard, our most advanced keyboard mechanism ever. By using real hammers rather than springs, the F-90’s 88 keys feel and respond just like an acoustic piano, with a lighter touch in the upper range and heavier touch in the lower range. Now you can play as expressively as you like.

A Versatile Instrument for Practice or Pleasure

A well-rounded instrument, the F-90 features a range of instrument sounds like electric piano, harpsichord, organ, strings, and choir—complete with reverb and chorus. A built-in metronome offers adjustable tempo, beat and volume, while dual headphone jacks permit silent practice. 50 onboard demo songs can be used for practice or listening enjoyment; you can even play along with CDs using the stereo Line input. And all of this music sounds great through the F-90’s custom stereo speaker system.




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