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With a powerful sound engine, a striking vibrant sound, 164 contemporary music Styles created by acclaimed international musicians, and a great price, the EXR-3s is destined to be a top-seller. The EXR-3s supports USB, Flash memory, and even V-LINK for external video/graphics control.

Outstanding Sound Quality

The EXR-3s provides hundreds of high quality instrument sounds and 20 drum kits, which come from Roland professional sound library.

Roland’s Best Piano Sound

Great piano sound is a key feature of the EXR-3s, as it comes with an amazingly realistic stereo piano sound that responds to the most subtle nuance and delicate touch.

Wide Variety of Styles

The EXR-3s features 164 fresh music styles created by top international musicians for a truly live feel. An innovative Cover function allows the player to choose from five presets for instant, real-time Style re-orchestration. Imagine creating new arrangements with one touch of a button!

USB Ready

With the built-in USB port, you can quickly exchange Song and Style data between the EXR’s internal Flash Memory and your PC. It’s easy. Just connect, drag, and drop! The USB-MIDI functionality also gives you the possibility to interface with various computer software programs.

Flash Memory

The EXR-3s is well stocked with Flash memory, which can hold up to 4MB worth of your own songs and styles (2.5MB is filled preloaded with bonus styles and songs). Add new Songs and Styles to keep your EXR-s up to date with your musical tastes.

61 keys, velocity sensitive
Sound source
PCM samples
Max Polyphony
64 voices
530 panel selectable tones including 20 drum kits (542 XG compatible sounds/256 GM2 compatible sounds)
Multitimbral parts
GM2/GS/XG Lite
Display type
New large backlit custom display (orange)
Panel controls
VOLUME knob, ACCOMP/KEYBOARD BALANCE buttons, TEMPO/DATA buttons, BENDER/MODULATION lever, FAMILY buttons, SELECT buttons, numeric buttons[0] [9], 8 assignable TONE family buttons, 8 assignable TONE family buttons
Music Styles/Song
Preset Styles
164 Styles in Flash memory (84 factory + 80 changeable)
One touch
3 levels: Drum
Style Cover
5: Acoustic, Pop, Rock, Dance,
Realtime SMF player
Song Cover
5: Acoustic, Pop, Rock, Dance, Ethnic
16-Track Recorder
4 easy modes (ALL, Keyboard, Single, Punch In/Out)
Flash Memory
4 MB for Music Styles, User Program sets and Songs
User Programs
Reverb:8 types, Chorus: 8 types, Multi-FX:47
Data Storage
File save
Time signature setting (1/4,2/4,3/4,4/4,5/4,6/4,6/8,9/8)
Volume setting
Other functions
3 easy modes: Piano/Solo, Arranger/Band, Piano Mode, Music Assistant: 126 settings, Split (2 Tones: Split [L]+Main[R]), Dual(2 Tones: Main+Dual), Melody Intelligence: 18 types, Octave(-4 4), Transpose (-12 12), V-LINK
System Updates: Yes
MIDI Communication and file transfer, MIDI IN, OUT
L/Mono, Right (1/4" phone jacks), Phones 1/2, DC IN (adapter)
Output Power: 5W + 5W with "Digital Bass Enhancer", Stereo speakers: 2x12cm
Power Supply
Size and Weight ( Dimensions )
1,020 mm
40-3/16 inches
355 mm
14 inches
132 mm
5-1/4 inches
7.0 kg
15 lbs. 7 oz.
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.


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