D-Bass Amplifier

Üretimden Kalkan

An extremely powerful combo amp, the flagship DB-900 D-Bass Amplifier uses Feed Forward Processing (FFP) to maximize punch and clarity via a 320-watt amplifier and custom seven-speaker system. Combined with built-in COSM Amp modeling, split-frequency D-Chorus and programmable digital memories, the DB-900 is the ultimate digital bass amp for touring and recording professionals.

Leave Your Stack at Home

Amazing, but true… The DB-900’s combination of four 10-inch speakers, a horn tweeter, two 12-inch Passive Radiator speakers, and a 320-watt amplifier give this combo amp the sound of a full stack, and then some! That’s because the DB-900 is powered by FFP, a proprietary technology that can “sense” incoming signals and adjust the response characteristics of amplifier and speaker output for greater efficiency. The result is that the DB-900 delivers incredible punch and clarity that must be heard to be believed.

A Digital Amp with Analog Soul

With onboard COSM Amp modeling, the DB-900 can faithfully recreate anything from warm tube drive sounds to tight solid-state tones—complete with a Shape switch for additional sonic variations. Tone can be further tweaked using 3-band EQ (with parametric midrange), compression and a unique split-frequency D-Chorus effect, capable of producing smooth chorus on the high-end without muddying the lows. Tones can then be stored to digital memories for instant recall via front-panel buttons or optional footswitches.

One for the Road

The DB-900 is made with true road-warriors in mind. Its rock-solid construction and fanless cooling system can withstand years of abuse, while convenient side handles and casters will make your roadie smile (especially if that roadie happens to be you). And with its high-quality DI output—plus additional 1/4-inch Line and Headphone outputs—you’re ready for just about any performance or recording situation.

Rated Power Output
320 W
10” (25 cm) x 4, Horn Tweeter x 1, Passive Radiator 12” (30 cm) x 2
A, B (2 memories)
Input (HIGH, LOW), Balanced DI (XLR Type) Headphones, Insert (Send, Return), Line Out (XLR type, 1/4” TRS phone type), Foot Switch (TIP: A/B, RING: Manual, CHORUS)
Power Consumption
270 W (AC 117/230/240 V)
Casters (x 4)
Foot Switch FS-5L (BOSS)
Size and Weight ( incl. casters )
654 mm
25-3/4 inches
489 mm
19-1/4 inches
889 mm
35 inches
64.0 kg
141 lbs. 2 oz.
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.




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