D-Bass Amplifier

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The DB-700 D-Bass Amplifier uses Roland's Feed Forward Processing (FFP) and COSM preamp modeling to deliver a variety of distinct bass amp tones and big-league punch far beyond its compact size. Bassists can completely customize these tones with onboard EQ, compression and "D-Chorus," then save them into digital program memories for instant recall via footswitch.

Big Output in A Compact Package

The secret to the D-Bass Amps' high output is Roland's FFP amplifier technology. Using FFP, the compact, digitally controlled D-Bass Amplifiers can precisely predict and adjust the response characteristics of amplifier and speaker output before the bass signal reaches them. The result is a significant increase in efficiency over conventional amplifiers—which feed the output back to the input—allowing the D-Bass Amps to produce a clean, responsive, and surprisingly loud output far beyond their conservative power ratings; just one listen will prove this point beyond any doubt.

COSM Amp Modeling Inside

Improving amplifier efficiency is only half the D-Bass story; these amplifiers also incorporate Roland's COSM technology to deliver a range of exceptional bass tones. Through COSM amp modeling, Roland has recreated the best modern and vintage Solid State, Tube and Tube Drive (Overdriven) amp sounds and natural tube compression effects. Not merely sets of EQ curves, these sonic “models” can mathematically represent all the unique characteristics of the amp chosen. Thanks to COSM, there's never been a more flexible bass combo amp.

Analog-Style Control

Though their functions are actually quite sophisticated, D-Bass Amplifiers’ knob-based controls make dialing in just the right tone simple and intuitive. A three-band EQ section offers separate Bass and Treble adjustment, plus parametric midrange with Frequency and Level controls. A split-frequency, dynamics-sensitive “D-Chorus” effect applies rich chorusing to upper frequencies without muddying the all-important low end. And when you’ve created the sound you’re after, simply store your front panel settings into A and B program memories for instant recall via footswitch.

Built to Last

The D-Bass Amplifiers are crafted with premium components for years of rugged reliability. Recessed side handles and heavy-duty casters make them perfect for the road. A high-quality DI connector (XLR-type) is included for direct connection to PA systems or recording equipment, while additional XLR and 1/4” line outs—plus a dedicated insert jack and headphone jack—are perfect for PA systems, recording or practice.

Rated Power Output
250 W
15” (38 cm) x 1, Horn Tweeter x 1
A, B (2 memories)
Input (High, Low), Headphone, Balanced DI, Insert (Send, Return), Line Out (XLR, balanced, 1/4” TRS Phone, balanced), Foot Switch (TIP: A/B, Ring: Manual, Chorus)
Power Consumption
200 W (AC 117/230/240 V)
Casters x 4
Foot Switch FS-5L (BOSS)
Size and Weight ( Incl. casters )
578 mm
22-13/16 inches
407 mm
16-1/16 inches
598 mm
23-9/16 inches
34.0 kg
75 lbs.
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.



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