Portable Classical Organ

Üretimden Kalkan

Ideal for organists who desire great sounds and features in a portable instrument, the C-190 is stocked with coveted classical organ sounds, as well as 14 orchestral sounds. It features a powerful built-in speaker system and an extended 76-note keyboard, which allows the C-190 to function as a “virtual dual-manual” keyboard, with individually defined upper and lower sections. The ample 128 voices of polyphony lets players perform in confidence without fear of note dropout. The C-190 also allows organists to create extended layers and zones for combination sounds never before possible on previous models.

Classical Organ Sounds

The C-190 features 43 high-quality organ sounds based on the Roland/Rodgers library, featuring samples of historic European church organs. The organ sounds can be conveniently accessed in realtime via the 13 front-panel tilt tabs; the 14 orchestral sounds can be selected via dedicated switches.

Orchestral Sounds

More than just high-quality organ sounds, the C-190’s authentic orchestral sounds can be played via each virtual manual plus pedals. Add an optional pedalboard, and turn the C-190 into a full-console organ akin to a church pipe organ.

Windchest Panning

Also of note is the C-190’s unique Windchest Panning feature, which recreates the sound of a classic church environment by simulating the physical location of pipes for each note played. Each note will emanate from its own unique location in the stereo soundfield — just like a true pipe organ!

Number of Keys
76 (to simulate two manuals)
Key velocity
Available for orchestra tones (not for organ voices)
Sound Generator
Sound Generator and polyphony
PCM Sound Generator, 128-voice polyphony
Pedal Division
Subbass 16', Principal Bass 16', ViolonBass 16', OctaveBass 8', Gedackt 8', Bombarde 16', Trumprt 8', Choral Bass 4', Clarine 4'
Manual I Division
Principal 8', Diapason 8', Bourdon 8', Spitzflöte 4', Rohrflöte 4', Principal 4', Octave 2', Waldflöte 2', Mixture IV 1-1/3', Sesquialtera II 1-1/3', Sifflet 1', Trompette 8', Trompette 8', Regal 8', Trompette 4'
Manual II Division
Bourdon 8', Flute 8', Geigen Principal 8', Gemshorn 8', Viole Celeste II 8', Salicional 8',Gambe 16', Prestant 4', Koppelflöte 4', Fugara 4', Quinte 2-2/3', Doublette 2', Tierce 1-1/3',Scharff III 1', Vox Humana 8', Fagott 16', Krummhorn 8', Hautbois 8', Clarion 4'
Orchestra Tones
14 orchestra Tones (PEDAL: Ac. Bass, Stringed, Cello. MANUAL I: Piano, E. Piano, Guitar, Strings, Choir. MANUAL II: Harpsi, Brass, Violin, Oboe, Flute, Chimes)
8 different types, with adjustable depth
Panel Controls
VOLUME, PEDAL and MANUAL I sliders, 15 tilt tabs with orange indicators, TRANSPOSE button, TUNE button, UP/DOWN buttons
ORCHESTRA button, SET/SPLIT button, M1/2 (memory bank selection), MEMORIES buttons for 2 x 4 registrations, REC button, PLAY button, REVERB button, WINDCHEST PANNING button
Other functions
Demo Songs
28 Demo Songs (4 Banks: Weddings, Orchestra, Variety, Bach)
–5 to +6 (in semitones)
Easy 1-track Recorder (records notes and setting)
4 song memories
PEDAL IN (to connect PK-5A/ PK-7/ PK-25), MIDI IN
Amplifier & Speakers
Rated Power Output
10 W + 10 W
10 cm x 2
Power Supply
PSB-8U adapter
Keyboard Stand (KS-C-190), Pedalboard (PK-5A/ PK-7/ PK-25), Pedal (DP-2), Expression Pedal (EV-5)
Owner’s manual, PSB-8U Adaptor, Power Cord, Music Rest
Size and Weight ( C-190 )
1,156 mm
45-9/16 inches
347 mm
13-11/16 inches
108 mm
4-1/4 inches
11.0 kg
24 lbs. 5 oz.
Size and Weight ( C-190 with optional KS-C-190 )
1,156 mm
45-9/16 inches
413 mm
16-5/16 inches
762 mm
30 inches
20.0 kg
44 lbs. 2 oz.
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.



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