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The AT-60SL is the attractive basic model for players who love the sound, power, and expressive possibilities of the organ. With a full range of basic features, superb expression and easy operability, the AT-60SL gives you dynamic, exciting organ performance. It features high-quality traditional organ sounds, a variety of additional instrument sounds, an extensive rhythm accompaniment section, intuitive controls, and a large LCD touch screen — now in full color. It offers many of the same features as the top models, and is housed in a fine satin mahogany cabinet that will add a touch of elegance to any room.

Music Assistant
  • All new Music Assistant settings (350 titles)
  • Fill-In function assigned to the right footswitch on all Music Assistant settings
  • All songs inside Club Roland learning modules included
  • Songs from Hal Leonard EZ Play Today book included
    • All songs from Book #200 The Best Songs Ever
    • All songs from Book #57 More of the Best Songs Ever
  • Music Assistant search function by “Club Roland,” “EZ PLAY 200,” and “EZ PLAY 57”
    • You can find songs quickly with keyword search
Music Styles
  • New American Music Style content (170 Music Styles)
  • New “Advanced Chord Recognition” system
    • You can achieve a more natural musical feel by playing chords with the Advanced Chord Recognition system
  • 8-part accompaniment
    • The 8-part accompaniment (maximum) allows you to create gorgeous musical arrangements
Expanded Realistic Rhythm Section

One of the greatest features on the American Classic Series is the wide range of rhythms and musical genres it puts at your fingertips. The greatly expanded built-in rhythm section is sorted into categories, and provides numerous rhythms for each genre or style. Best of all, the rhythms incorporate actual drum and percussion phrases recorded by professional drummers, so the nuance, timing and stress are all astonishingly alive and real.

Style Orchestrator

The Style Orchestrator buttons let you instantly change the style of the automatic accompaniment to one of four arrangement variations. From simple to elaborate, these arrangements add an exciting new level of real-time expression to your performance.

Rhythm Customize

The new Rhythm Customize feature lets you edit many of the internal rhythm patterns. You can change the drum voice, add a cymbal to the beat, adjust the timing, and make other edits to create your own unique rhythm patterns. Use the onboard floppy disk drive to save your original pattern for use on any Atelier organ.

Convenient Rhythm Search Function

With the Rhythm Search function, finding the right rhythm is a breeze. You can search using your choice of name, beat, tempo, genre or group to quickly select the ideal rhythm for the style of music you are playing.

One Touch Program
  • New One Touch Program screen
    • 4 individual titles are named to each One Touch Program group. You can hold this “Group” screen until you touch Exit
  • New One Touch Program settings for new Music Styles
Exquisite Traditional Organ Sounds

The AT-60SL offers a rich variety of stunning jazz organ, pipe organ, and especially theater organ sounds that are better and more powerful than ever. In addition, you can choose from a range of highly customizable organ effects such as Reverb, Rotary, Sustain, and more. This is the way an organ should sound!

Hundreds of Voices for World Music

In addition to fabulous organ sound, the AT-SL Series also offers hundreds of high-quality, realistic instrument voices from around the world and across the centuries. There are many more strings, accordion, and choir variations, as well as exciting new traditional instrument sounds to expand your musical expression. Of course, you can combine these voices with organ sounds to create an almost limitless repertoire of performance options.

Outstanding Piano Performance

The AT-60SL has an extended 76-note lower manual and incredible stereosampled grand piano sounds, for authentic piano performance. There is also a damper pedal that provides the same effect and expression as an acoustic piano. The lower manual has a Split function too, in case you want to add different instrument sounds to your piano playing.

Powerful Speakers and Sound System

The AT-60SL’s sounds are delivered with awesome power and resonance through multiple fullrange speakers.

Harmony Intelligence

The Harmony Intelligence feature creates gorgeous harmony based on the chords you play on the lower manual. Choose from a wide array of harmony types, including Strings, Hymn, Harp, Jazz Scat, Big Band, and more. Ensemble-type performances have never sounded this great!

Simple, Easy Panel Layout

All models in the Atelier series share the same fundamental panel design and simple, color-coded layout, so you can perform the same basic operations when playing any AT-Series organ. It’s so easy to navigate! The panel design — the result of consultation with professional players from around the world — also helps ensure that operation is simple for beginners to learn and remember.

Large Color LCD Touch Screen

The AT-60SL’ large, full-color LCD touch screen makes playing the organ more effortless and enjoyable than ever before. The simpler screen layout and new color scheme let you perform the same operations with fewer steps, making it easier to select instrument voices for your performance, to access and control rhythm, reverb, split point, and other panel settings onscreen, and to switch to the notation display at the touch of a finger. You can also jump smoothly between Upper, Lower, and Pedal tone edit screens. Virtually every onboard function can be accessed and adjusted using the touch screen, for a single point of control. It’s easy, intuitive, and fun.

Other Features
  • New Factory Registration set (8 settings)
  • American Flag as the default Main Background screen
  • “American Classic” ID badge
More Onscreen Features

With the simplified, color-coded LCD touch screen, the Composer, Track Mute, and other functions are easier to use. You can play along with commercially available or downloaded Standard MIDI Files and save the results, or mute a specific voice or part right on the screen, and play the solo part yourself. The series also features Roland’s famous DigiScore, which lets you display the notation of Standard MIDI Files or your own recorded songs onscreen. It’s loads of fun.

Conveniently Located Registration Buttons

Once you’ve created the ideal voice, rhythm, and panel settings, you can save them immediately with the twelve registration buttons conveniently located between the upper and lower manuals. Using a floppy disk, you can name and store up to 99 sets of registration data, each consisting of twelve registrations, for more than a thousand different variations! All registrations can be called up instantly while playing, to customize your settings and expand your repertoire and ensemble possibilities with the mere touch of a button.

Quick Registration for Professional Sound

The Quick Registration feature lets you effortlessly select from an extensive library of registration presets created by world-renowned professional organists to cover a wide range of genres. The Quick Registrations can also be used for getting hints on how to select and layer sounds when creating your own registrations. Watch how quickly your repertoire grows.

Compatible with Any Atelier Organ

The built-in floppy disk drive lets you exchange data with other AT-Series models. You can immediately call up registrations, performance data, and music files created on any Atelier organ, or use commercially available or downloaded SMF data.

Easy Navigation with the Quick Guide

The onscreen Quick Guide makes it easy to use all the American Classic Series’ advanced and powerful features. Simply touch “Quick Guide” on the touch screen, then press any button, key, pedal or footswitch to jump to the settings screen for that item. For example, pressing the damper pedal will open the controller window to adjust the damper pedal settings. Alternatively, you can touch “index” to call up the settings screen for a keyword of your choice. Just make your settings, close the screen and play!

Upper: 56 notes (C3-G7), Lower: 76 notes (E1-G7)
20 notes (C2-G3)
Expression Pedal, Damper Pedal, Two Foot Switches
Sound Generator
Conforms to GM2/GM/GS/XG lite
Max. Polyphony
128 voices
295 Voices (included 15 Active Expression voices)
Drums/SFX Sets
16 Drum Sets/1 SFX Set
Manual Percussion Sets
7 sets
Rotary Sound, Reverb, Sustain, Glide, Pitch Bend, Vibrato, Lower Voice Hold
Auto Accompaniment
182 rhythms in 10 categories
Disk/User Rhythms
8 rhythms
Rhythm Customize
Pattern editing of the internal rhythms (Drum Set, Beat, Tempo, Note)
Musical Contents
One Touch Program
2,912 settings
Music Assistant
1,200 settings
Quick Registration
108 settings
Demo Songs
20 songs
Other Functions
Registration Memories
Harmony Intelligence
12 types
Note Storage
Approx. 40,000 notes
Song Length
Max. 999 measures
Quarter note = 20-500
120 ticks per quarter note
Realtime (Replace, Punch In/Out, Loop)
DigiScore (Score magnification, Lyric display, Part adjustment, Note name display, Clef adjusment)
Track Mute, Bouncing Ball, Lyric Display
Disk Drive
3.5 inch micro floppy disk drive (2HD/2DD)
Rated Power Output
40 W + 40 W
8 cm x 2 (Full Range, Small)
25 cm x 2 (Full Range, Large)
Graphic 320 x 240 dot color LCD with touch screen
Headphones jack (stereo), Audio Output jacks (L/mono, R),Audio Input jacks (L/mono, R), Mic Input jack, MIDI connectors (In, Out), Computer connnector,Pedal connector, AC Inlet
Power Consumption
130 W
Satin Mahogany
Owner’s Manual, 3.5 inch micro floppy disk (2HD blank disk), Music Style Disk x 3, Power Cord
Size and Weight
1,338 mm
52-11/16 inches
649 mm
25-9/16 inches
1,316 mm
51-13/16 inches
109.0 kg
240 lbs. 5 oz.
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.




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