MIDI Keyboard Controller

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The A-37 MIDI Keyboard Controller is designed with today's MIDI musicians in mind. Whether controlling a rack of synths or a sophisticated computer-based setup, the stylish-looking A-37 puts you in control with 76 velocity- and aftertouch-sensitive keys, GM2 compatibility and an easy-to-use interface.

A No-Compromise Keyboard

You’ve invested in MIDI sound modules, and maybe even software synths. Isn’t it time you got the most out of them? To this end, the A-37 gives you 76 velocity-sensitive keys with channel aftertouch, allowing you to play your gear to its full potential—from expressive velocity switching on drums to filter cutoff via pressure on synth sounds and more. The A-37 also includes Roland’s unique combination Modulation/Bender lever, a favorite among keyboard players.


The A-37 is compliant with the latest MIDI specifications including the GM2 standard, making it particularly useful for desktop musicians or for those who use General MIDI modules. What’s more, you can save up to 128 User patches using two keyboard zones—great for live performers or setting up splits and layers. And with its easy-to-use LED display, assignable Data Entry slider and convenient front-panel buttons including Sequencer Start and Stop, Transpose, Clock TX and more, the A-37 can simplify even the most complex MIDI rigs.

The Perfect Fit

With its streamlined modern styling and lightweight design, the A-37 fits neatly into MIDI studios of all sizes and is easily transported. In fact, this infinitely useful controller even runs on batteries if you like. And owning an A-37 is easy, thanks to its ultra-affordable price tag.

76 keys (with velocity and channel aftertouch)
128 Patches
Panel Controls
Modulation/Bender lever, Data Entry Slider, Keyboard Mode (Lower, Upper, Layer, Split),Edit (Control, Data, Program Change), Patch/Parameter (A/B Patches Bank, Transpose), Sequencer(Start/Stop)
Damper pedal, Expression pedal, MIDI (In, OutA, OutB, Thru), AC/DC Adaptor Jack
Dry Batteries (AA type), MIDI cable, Music Rest
AC adaptor
Size and Weight
1,195 mm
47-1/16 inches
270 mm
10-11/16 inches
113 mm
4-1/2 inches
7.7 kg
17 lbs.
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.




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