Edirol FA-66 Driver v1.0.0 for Windows 7 64-bit Edition

This is the EDIROL FA-66 driver for Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 7 64-bit Edition.

This is the EDIROL FA-66 driver for Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 7 64-bit Edition.
This driver also supports ASIO (Steinberg Audio Stream I/O Interface) 2.0.

* This driver does not work with "Cakewalk FA-66."
* This driver is equivalent to the "Cakewalk FA-66 Driver Ver.1.0.0 for Windows(R) 7 64-bit Edition."

System requirements
This driver has the following requirements.

Operating System
Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 7 64-bit Edition
* This does not work with the 32-bit Edition of Windows 7.
A computer equipped with an FireWire(R) (IEEE1394) Port.
* FireWire(R) (IEEE1394) control chip from TI(Texas Instruments) is recommended.

* This driver cannot be used in a virtual Windows environment, such as Windows XP Mode (Virtual Windows XP) or Virtual PC.
* Macintosh computers running Microsoft Windows are not supported.

Caution when using the Windows 7 64-bit Edition
In order to use this product with the 64-bit Edition of Windows 7, please read and understand the following points. You must also take into account the compatibility of each product you will be using.
  • In order to use the 64-bit Edition of Windows 7, you must use 64-bit drivers; not only for this product, but also for all hardware you're using with your computer.
  • This driver has been tested on several computer systems, but please understand that we cannot guarantee it will operate on your particular computer.

* Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
* ASIO is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.
* All product names mentioned in this document are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.


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